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Why I like BIG Government

Why I Like Big Government

You don't know the value of big government until you have lived in a place with small government.

When you dial 911 and get a first responder at your location in 5 minutes...that is big government.

When you can safely deposit your money in a bank, KNOWING the government GUARANTEES it will not be stolen by your banker, that is big government.

When you can drive from San Diego, CA to Portland, ME and NEVER hit a patch of DIRT ROAD, no matter the weather...thats big government.

When you have an emergency broadcast system to alert you to any impending safety situation, that's big government.

When you go to the bathroom and don't have a clue what happens to the waste when you flush the toilet, that you won't encounter it running down the street, that is big government.

When your children, no matter your economic status, have an opportunity to attend any college they are accepted because of government guaranteed student loans, that is big government.

When your city or town, is devastated by a tornado or hurricane, and FEMA is there in 12 hours, that is big government.

When you need kidney dialysis, and you can get it 3 times a week, that is big government.

When you can travel safely from one part of the country to another because of a government-run air traffic control system, that is big government.

When you have a child with special needs, who is given an opportunity, thru special education programs, to become an independent citizen, that is big government.

When you can buy food at the market and have the confidence that you and your children will not die in 48 hours from some food-based pathogen...thats big government.

When you walk on a sidewalk and see the cutout for handicap accessibility, that is big government.

None of these things happen by "magic." Where I came from none of these things happen. So when you give me that BS about hating "big government" you don't have a freaking clue what I'm talking about. If you think I'm wrong, let's go live in Liberia for 6 months, then tell me what you think of "big government." Until then Shut the hell up!